A develish approach to more skirmishing in assault missions.

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A develish approach to more skirmishing in assault missions.

Post by Grizzly »

Last tuesday, we played UNnecesary violence, which was explained to me as a reverse finale. I didn't really consider it a reverse finale, as it lacked the AAAAGH WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE alongside with epic music feel Finale had. It also was very, very slow paced (even in relative arma terms).
Now, off-course, the problems lie with you pesky humans: You do not want to die. In Finale, the only way to not-die is to shoot the enemy, whilst in UNnecesary violence, the best way to not-die is to do nothing at all.

So, that leads me to my idea for new assault missions. There is an all-time favorite RPS (or Throwback Thursday nowadays) mission known as 'skirmish devils', which, when approaching the final objective, included a countdown timer: The scud in the middle of the airfield had to be destroyed, using C4, before the timer ran out (we should totally remake this mission in folk standards). I also remember one of the final missions of the Operation Arrowhead campaign, where you have to disable several SCUDS before they blow stuff up.

So my idea is: Improve UNnecesary violence and other assault missions by enforcing a time limit on completing the objectives. When this time limit is reached, either nuke the entire force, or introduce an element which makes the mission VASTLY more difficult (such as LOTR style reinforcements, but for the other side), thus encouraging more frantic decision making, iniative, and tension.

Alternatively, it may cause SLs and the CO to try and murder each other...

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Re: A develish approach to more skirmishing in assault missi

Post by Kefirz »

We play one mission that is somewhat similar in that style, Red Snow.
And lately we have been playing a lot of it.

If you haven't played it Grizzly, basically OPFOR starts in dawn and they have NVG's, but they can only maintain that advantage until it's dark.
So what you will manage to do under the cover of darkness will only benefit you. If you move fast, it might be easier later on, but you could die faster.
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