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Any of you guys heard of this? It's where someone prank calls the Police saying they've shot people and have hostages and maybe even bombs. But then claim to be some dood that's livestreaming. So then you get this happening.

This is like the second video of SWATTing i've seen. It's so messed up. Someone is literally going to die during one of these.

CS GO. Anyone play it?
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Re: Getting SWATTED - CS GO

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Re: Getting SWATTED - CS GO

Post by Kefirz »

Kontra-terrists win! :jihad:
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Re: Getting SWATTED - CS GO

Post by Pr3sario »

This trend will end badly...
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Re: Getting SWATTED - CS GO

Post by fer » ... terrorism/ <-- Teen who SWATTED others gets 25-to-life.


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