[MINISCRIPT] Wolfenswan's improved vehicle behaviour

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[MINISCRIPT] Wolfenswan's improved vehicle behaviour

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on Github

Note: this is also part of my function library.

This code improves the way vehicles react to damage.
In Vanilla the crew bails as soon as the vehicle can't move anymore (e.g. shot tires) and when using allowCrewInImmobile the stay inside the vehicle, even if all guns are damaged and unusable.
This script "attaches" a loop to each crewed, non-static vehicle in the mission, checking whether its guns are operational and if the sustained damage is under a treshold. As long as both are true the crew will stay inside the vehicle, otherwise they will bail.

The code can be run later inside a mission (e.g. when spawning vehicles) and will only affect vehicles that don't have a loop running on them already

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// better vehicle behaviour miniscript
// v1 13.04.2013
// By Wolfenswan: wolfenswanarps@gmail.com 
// Vehicle crews will only bail when the vehicle damage is over x (by default 0.8) or the guns are destroyed
// [parameter1,parameter2] execVM "ws_bettervehicles.sqf";
// 1.side, object or array of objects
// 2. damage until the crew bails (any integer from 0.1 to 1)
// Use f_var_vehicles or f_var_vehicles_BLU or f_var_vehicles_RES or f_var_vehicles_OPF as first parameter

if !(isServer) exitWith {};

private ["_debug","_side","_alloweddamage","_vehicles","_handle"];

_debug = false; if !(isNil "ws_debug") then {_debug = ws_debug};   //Debug mode. If ws_debug is globally defined it overrides _debug

_side = _this select 0;
_alloweddamage = _this select 1; //damage allowed before the group bails no matter what
_vehicles = [];

//Fault checks
//Checking the variables we have against what we should have
[_side,["ARRAY","OBJECT","SIDE"],"ws_fnc_betterVehicle"] call ws_fnc_typecheck;
[_alloweddamage,["SCALAR"],"ws_fnc_betterVehicle"] call ws_fnc_typecheck;

switch (typename _side) do {
	case "SIDE": {
		// All non-static vehicles with a turret on the map
		{if (!(_x isKindOf "StaticWeapon") && side _x == _side && canFire _x && (count crew _x > 0)) then [{
			_vehicles = _vehicles + [_x];},{if _debug then {player sidechat format ["ws_bettervehicles DBG: %1 has no crew or is a static weapon",_x]};}];
		} forEach vehicles;
	case "OBJECT": {
		_vehicles = [_side];
	case "ARRAY": {
		_vehicles = _side;

_handle = _x getVariable "ws_better_vehicle";
if (isNil "_handle") then {
	if _debug then {player sidechat format ["ws_bettervehicles DBG: Improving: %1",_x]};
	[_x,_alloweddamage,_debug] spawn {
		private ["_unit","_alloweddamage"];
		_unit = _this select 0;
		_unit allowCrewInImmobile true;
		_unit setvariable ["ws_better_vehicle",1];	
		_alloweddamage = _this select 1;
		while {damage _unit < _alloweddamage && canFire _unit} do 
			sleep 2.5;
		_unit allowCrewInImmobile false;
		{_x action ["eject", _unit];} forEach crew _unit;

		if (_this select 2) then {player sidechat format ["ws_bettervehicles DBG: %1 has taken enough damage or can't fire any more. crew bailing",_unit]};	
} forEach _vehicles;

if _debug then {player sidechat format ["ws_bettervehicles DBG: Exiting. Improved vehicles: %1",_vehicles]};

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