[COLLECTION] Wolfenswan's function library

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[COLLECTION] Wolfenswan's function library

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Latest master version: 31.01.2014
Github: Repository
Download: master.zip

What is this?
This is a collection of various functions that I've worked on the last weeks to streamline my mission making. None of them are revolutionary but all of them have been designed with efficiency, modularity and performance in mind. The idea is to reduce the need for repetitive scripting as much as possible while avoiding the need for third-party scripts and the problems that come with that. I've also tried and comment everything as best as possible to make understanding the code easier.

How do I use it?
Unzip the archive into your mission root folder. You should now have a ws_fnc folder with various sub-folders (named tools, AI etc.)

Code: Select all

[] call compile preProcess "ws_fnc\ws_fnc_init.sqf";
in either your init.sqf or a unit init field.

What is included?
This is a brief overlook over the included functions. Every major function is documented thoroughly in it's own file. Open them with a text editor for the full manual.

Is there a readme?

Every major function is thoroughly document and explained in itself. You can also view all individual documentation on either github or by opening the .sqf files with a text editor.

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