Need to Know: Mods Server / Mods

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Need to Know: Mods Server / Mods

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Server Details
Server Name: Folk ARPS Mods server
Password: freedom

Mods currently on the server (last update 2013-02-01)
Titles in red italics are NOT running per default profile

Server specific:
CBA v1.0.0pre10
ASR AI v1.16

Total Conversion Mods:
ACE OA Core Stable v1.13.0.522
ACEX Stable v1.13.0.353
ACE & ACEX Ongoing Development Freeze (@aceFA) v1.14RC1 b589 & b370 resp. Torrent, ACE WIKI
Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) v1.0
Invasion 1944 v2.62, v2.63 and v2.64
Namalsk Crisis and [Nightstalkers] Shadow of Namalsk v1.10
The Vietnam Experience (VTE) v1.5
Unsung Vietnam War Mod v2.0 & v2.1 patch
Hell in the Pacific v0.5 Beta

CAA1 Project v2009-09-06
Carraighdubh v0.8
Clafghan v1.1 Beta
GSEP Zernovo v1.0
Fallujah v1.2
Hazar-Kot Valley v1.0
Isla Duala v1.97
Isola di Capraïa v2 Alpha 3
MBG Nam v1.0 & African Foliage v1.24
Reshmaan Province v0.8 Beta & Mad Build v0.8 Beta
Thirsk v1.0
ToraBora v1.6

ACRE v1.4.10.500
Forgotten Few (All addons) Build 054
Mission Control Center Sandbox v10

This thread will be updated regularly. For mod upload requests or other mod server related questions; PM me, find me on steam (washington) or skype (d-wilcox).