Getting started with ArmA 3 and Folk ARPS

What you really need to know about Folk ARPS and ArmA 3
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Getting started with ArmA 3 and Folk ARPS

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When are the sessions?
Our regular sessions are held every Sunday, 19:20 UK time.

What are the sessions like?
Not too long. An FA session lasts around 2-3 hours, or between 3 and 4 missions.

What kind of missions?
The emphasis is on co-operative (coop) infantry missions designed for around 25-45 players (of up to 30-45 minutes duration); but those are not rigid requirements. We generally do not use revive and almost never use respawn.

Do you play adversarial missions as well?
Yes, we often play 1-2 adversarial missions as well. However, as per the coops, these will be focused missions with no respawn (so do not expect AAS or capture-the-flag style missions).

What is the style of play like?
ArmA 3 is like a team sport, in that you get the most out of it when you work together. So in-game you'll be asked to respect the chain of command (for that mission), take it reasonably seriously, and not talk when you're dead. Well, you can talk to the other dead people. Do you see dead people?

Does that mean I have to salute people?
Absolutely not! FA is a milsim free zone. And if you tell us you're Oscar Mike we'll know what you mean, but we may giggle until you stop. The golden rule is: we're only as organised and as serious as we need to be to play the mission, and no more.

Is there a template for FA missions?
Yes, special builds of the mission development framework F3 are available; for more information please see: Writing ArmA 3 missions for Folk ARPS.

So will we be BLUFOR a lot of the time?
No. We like to mix things up a lot, so we can be all sorts of things. Including dead things.

What version of Armed Assault 3 do I need?
You'll need the latest official stable, non-beta version of ArmA 3.

Do I need any addons to play in a FA session?
No, FA has no required addons.

Cool. Wait, that emphasis suggests there are optional addons. What's the deal?
There are no required server-side addons (things like islands, vehicles and weapon packs that must be on the server and the PC of every connected player). However, there is another type of addon - client-side - which is permitted.

What's a client-side addon, comrade?
An addon that only needs to be loaded on a player's PC because it only affects that PC. Crucially, only the players that want to use such addons need to have them installed - they don't affect other players or the server.

Great, so I can connect to the FA server with all my favourite addons enabled?
Not quite - to avoid perfomance-related issues you can only connect with white-listed, i.e. allowed addons. A list of addons you can connect with can be found here.

What happens if I forget and connect with ACE loaded?
The Politburo will frown upon such activity - and the server will not permit you to connect. If for some reason you are able to connect, a host (if he or she is not drunk at their post) may kick you, and ask you (nicely) to reconnect with a reduced set of addons enabled.

So, I have installed ArmA 3. Can we shoot people now?
Before you launch the game, launch TeamSpeak 3 first (instructions for setting this up are available in the Getting started with TeamSpeak 3 (for ArmA 3) thread). Join the Slotting / Dead channel.

Done. I hear voices. What's next?
Launch the game and select Multiplayer from the opening menu.

Done. I see a mahoosive list of servers. I'm frightened.
Don't be afraid, look for a button at the bottom of the screen labelled Filter. Click it.

A dialogue has appeared!
In the name field, simply input Folk then click OK. The server list can take a while (up to 1-2 minutes) to filter through the servers.

The list of servers now just contains two entries, one of which is called "Folk ARPS".
Great. Make sure that the "Folk ARPS" entry is highlighted, then look for a button at the bottom of the screen labelled Join. Click it.

A new dialogue has appeared - what's the password?
The password is: freedom

Great, I'm in at the slot selection screen.
If a host hasn't already done it for you, de-select yourself from the slot you're in.

How do we pick slots?
The host running the session will let you know when to pick a slot. Generally, we ask people to select leadership slots (e.g. FTL) first, then everyone else can pick what's left.

Can anyone take a leadership slot?
Of course, but if you're brand new to FA you might want to play a few missions before stepping up to lead.

Okay, I'm in a slot now.
Great, make a note of the fireteam you're in (Alpha, Charlie etc.). Once everyone is slotted, the host will tell you to which channel to move to and start the mission.

I can see the briefing now.
Please read it, even if you aren't in a leadership position. Who knows if your FTL will die in the first assault and you'll have to step up and lead the survivors to safety?

I'm still in the Slotting / Dead channel on TeamSpeak 3. Is that right?
Yes. If you have something incredibly funny to say, try to use text chat instead of TeamSpeak 3. It keeps things from getting too chaotic.

When do we split up the channels?
Once the commander (CO) has formulated a plan, he will break people up into the appropriate channels.

Okay, I'm in the right channel now, what's next?
Generally you'll get instructions from the CO or DC (or even your FTL). Then the mission will start.

The mission has started. Oh God, we're all going to die!
Stick with your fireteam!

How do I talk with other people?
Using a mixture of TeamSpeak and VON; read more in: What is the Folk ARPS 2015 Platoon?

I'm going to get this wrong at some point.
Sure you will, everyone does. Relax, and know that you'll get the hang of it after a few missions. Plus, the hosts will help you out.

Okay. Can we get to shooting people already?
Why, certainly. Step this way ...