Folk ARPS Senior Leadership Programme

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Folk ARPS Senior Leadership Programme

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What is this programme?
Comrade, the Senior Leadership Programme is designed to encourage and recognise those comrades who step up and take senior leadership roles such as CO, DC and Alpha SL.

How does it work?
Prior to any session, any comrade can volunteer to lead a coop mission. Contact any host, who will relay the request to the relevant session host. The session host will get in touch (via forum PM) and let the volunteer know the mission s/he will be commanding; the session host will also provide guidance on planned slotting.

Can the volunteer CO choose the mission?
This is open for discussion. Choosing missions is a hosts prerogative, but some hosts might be amenable to the idea of having a prepared comrade CO, and would value this over choosing the mission himself. Don't expect to be allowed to play "your" mission at a specific time, but its perfectly permissible to ask if you have a plan for it.

Can the volunteer CO tell anyone else what mission s/he will be commanding?
No. Please keep this a secret as it is Party policy not to divulge session run-lists in advance.

What is the volunteer CO expected to do before the session?
The volunteer CO should look at the mission on the FA server and devise a plan. If the approaching session is a Tuesday, the plan should assume a 15-25-strong platoon (2 x 2-FT squads); for a Sunday session the plan should assume a 30-40-strong platoon (2 x 3-FT squads).

What are the permitted ways to prepare?
Load up the mission, examine the map, start the mission and explore the terrain from the starting location. If vehicles are provided these can be used, and the same goes for UAVs. Protect your own enjoyment of mission twists and surprises by only scouting out terrain/objectives that you could reasonably expect to consider from the starting point.

What are the non-permitted ways to prepare?
Don't un-PBO the mission and go for an extended explore in the editor, or abuse Splendid Camera whilst logged-in as Admin on the server. The Party can't prevent you from using these techniques, but consider that it will dent your own enjoyment. If you do opt for this route, you are expected to not divulge surprises to other players. Also, anything that smells of "and then we'll do this because i already know what is going to happen because i know the triggers" will be frowned upon.

Does the volunteer CO have to present her/his plan to the session host in advance?
No, this is not a requirement. However, the volunteer CO is welcome to run through her/his plan with the session host (or other hosts if the session host is unavailable).

What happens during the session?
When the relevant mission is being slotted, the volunteer CO takes the CO slot and the briefs the platoon as normal, then leads the platoon to victory!

What happens if the platoon is led to victory?
The volunteer CO is congratulated, given an extra ration of vodka.

Wait .. what happens if the platoon is defeated?
The volunteer CO will be executed. Nothing bad will happen.

Okay. I'm interested, but still afraid. Can I team up with others on this?
You can volunteer with a pal, and have her/him as your DC or ASL (depending on the mission). The same rules apply to both of you, and you'll have somebody to throw under the bus when it all goes awry share the glory with!

Where do I sign?
Contact your nearest Politburo member, comrade.