Upcoming changes to Folk ARPS Sunday sessions (new required content)

What you really need to know about Folk ARPS and ArmA 3
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Upcoming changes to Folk ARPS Sunday sessions (new required content)

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What is to be done (about the future of Folk ARPS Sunday Sessions)?

Workers, Fighters, Comrades, Farmers and Friends of this great Socialist Agrarian Republic,

Last year, Bohemia Interactive officially stated that no more first party DLC is coming for Arma 3 as they turn their art and dev teams to focusing on Arma Reforger and Arma 4. The only content officially sanctioned by BI for Arma 3 would come in the form of Creator DLCs.

Starting Sunday, 21 April 2024, Sunday Sessions will require every guest in attendance to join the server with Western Sahara and Reaction Forces loaded.

Please consult the Q&A below for further details:
You're asking for third party content to play with your 'vanilla' session?
BI's CDLCs is content officially supported and endorsed by BI dev teams. Recently released Reaction Forces, from the same developers as Western Sahara (2021), are packed full of content which fit seamlessly into the 2035 vanilla setting of Arma 3. The Ministry of Semantics has determined that these two CDLC comprise the only BI affiliated vanilla expansion since 2021, and possibly the last content of its kind while we wait 2-5 years for the next Arma title to be playable.
You're going to make me pay $16 (or my regional equivalent) to keep playing with you?
If you are unsure about forking over the money, there are compatibility data packs available on the workshop for both RF and WS which will enable you to join our future regular sessions free of charge. One or both of these CDLCs should go on sale during the Steam Summer Sale, possibly earlier, if you prefer to wait for the sale. If you have to buy only one, buy Western Sahara.
What all is in these CDLCs that makes this worth it?
About as many new weapons, factions, and vehicles as would be in a more expensive, first party, DLC. Assets which fill-in niches not filled by existing vanilla content, and simply more variety for factions to play as or fight against. Our top Party Scientists are eager to demonstrate these new toys. Western Sahara also comes with a map that will be locked to owners of the CDLC much like Tanoa and Livonia for Apex and Contact owners respectively.
What is the Party's official policy regarding the Western Sahara map?
Much like we've done in the past with Apex's and Contact's releases, Sefrou-Ramal will not be required for the first two missions of a Sunday Session for a few months. We may load it during the second half of these sessions though since it's a gorgeous map and our first new terrain since 2019!
I own these CDLCs, how do I load them to connect to the server?
You have two options:
1. Use the server browser from the launcher to join the server, select the option to load all required DLC and Mods.
2. In the launcher, select the DLC panel and enable Western Sahara and Reaction Forces, and load the game before using the in-game server browser.
Special note for either option, you can save launcher presets to quickly load these two CDLCs and any optional mods you have before joining session.
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