Folk ARPS In-Game Tag (for ArmA 3)

What you really need to know about Folk ARPS and ArmA 3
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Folk ARPS In-Game Tag (for ArmA 3)

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What is the Folk ARPS Tag?
It's something that allows you to wear FA clan-tags in game and puts the FA tractor symbol on vehicles that you crew. You can read all about it on the biki.

How do I get this thing?
Three and half steps, comrade:

Step 1:
You'll need to create a block of XML for yourself. Start by copy-pasting this chunk of code.

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	<member id="" nick="">
Fill in the values like in the example below (the red text is what you need to add/edit).

<member id="96561397275964217" nick="Azim">
<icq>azim1986 (Skype)</icq>
<remark>Best tractor insurance</remark>

Here's a quick guide to the various tags:
  • id: your Player-UID, always the same and irrespective of your selected character (see the biki for how to get your Player-UID)
  • nick: nick, the same as used with your selected character in ArmA 3
  • name: your "real" name (if you want), or your character name again
  • email: your personal email (if you want)
  • icq: your IM handle (doesn't have to be ICQ, can be Skype)
  • remark: Say something witty (or not). 128 char limit.
Note: If you don't want to include your email etc. just put N/A instead.

Step 2:
Send your XML block to a Host on Discord DM or by PM here, and it will be added to the file on the web host. Alternatively, open a PR to edit the file yourself!

Step 3:
In your ArmA 3 player profile, enter this URL in the field labelled Squad URL:

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Will this work instantly?
Assuming you have executed all these steps and your XML block has been added to the file on the server, it should work.

How can I see if my XML block has been added?
Just browse to and look for your name in the list.

Note: This URL is slightly different from the one FA uses for ArmA 2 - notice that it is: /xml3/

Will this help us cut down on armoured vehicle friendly fire incidents?
Probably not, comrade.