Getting started with TeamSpeak 3 (for ArmA 3)

What you really need to know about Folk ARPS and ArmA 3
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Getting started with TeamSpeak 3 (for ArmA 3)

Post by fer »

What version of TeamSpeak 3 do I need?
The latest version; but don't worry - when you install TeamSpeak 3 it will give you the option of updating to the latest version

How do I get hold of a copy?
Visit the Downloads page on the TeamSpeak website.

What do I do next?
Install the TeamSpeak 3 client on your machine.

Done. How do I connect to the FA TeamSpeak 3 server?
Use these details:
  • Address: (note: the domain and port go together)
  • Password: freedom
I'm connected. Which channel should I go to?
You will be connected to the default channel, at the very bottom of the channel list. For the session, the channel you are looking for is named Limbo. It's at the very top of the list.

How many channels do we have?
For ArmA we have three families of channels, arranged like so:
  • The Limbo (Slotting/Dead)
    • BLUFOR
      • BF-HQ
      • BF-Alpha
      • BF-Bravo
      • BF-Charlie
      • BF-Delta
      • BF-Echo
      • BF-Support
    • OPFOR
      • OF-HQ
      • OF-Alpha
      • OF-Bravo
      • OF-Charlie
      • OF-Delta
      • OF-Echo
      • OF-Support
    • INDFOR
      • IF-HQ
      • IF-Alpha
      • IF-Bravo
      • IF-Charlie
      • IF-Delta
      • IF-Echo
      • IF-Support
How do we plan to use them?
When you've just arrived, hang out in the Limbo/Slotting/Dead channel. When we play coop missions, we'll use the appropriate channel family most of the time (Subchannels are used to split comms and prevent confusion. Your element and you will be in the same subchannel). Obviously in adversarials, we split up the sides across the channel families (depending on numbers we then may split into further subchannels).

What about the other channels?
There are several other channels for different uses and other games. They aren't terribly important for the main ArmA 3 FA sessions, but are open to use by guests.

What about Channel Commander?
It's great to have this and we use it for all inter-squad communication, so it helps greatly if you take the time to set this up and know how to use it.

How do I set up Channel Commander?
It's pretty straightforward. To begin with, you need to choose a key which you'll use as your PTT button for Channel Commander and set up whisper-list. Here's how:
  • In TS3 go to Tools > Whisper Lists (Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Click on New (in the bottom-left of the dialog)
  • Set a Hotkey (the suggestion is: H)
  • Set Whisper to: to Groups
  • Set Group Whisper Type: to Channel Commander
  • Set Group Whisper Target: to Complete Channel Family
  • Click OK
You're now set up to use Channel Commander, but there's one last step: to use it you need to toggle it on. You have two choices here:
  • Right-click your name in the playerlist and select Channel Commander
  • Set-up a hotkey (or combination, such as Shift+H) to toggle Channel Commander on/off
If you opt for the second, here's what you need to do:
  • In TS3 go to Settings > Options (Alt+P)
  • Select Hotkeys from the icons on the left-hand side of the dialog
  • Click Add to add a new hotkey (it's the Add button on the right)
  • In the dialog that pops-up click on Show Advanced Options and the list of possible Actions will expand
  • Under the action Channel Commander select Toggle Channel Commander
  • Now set a hotkey or hotket combination (the suggestion is Shift+H)
  • Click OK, then click OK again to exit the Options dialog
Also, you will want to do this:
  • In TS3 go to Settings > Options (Alt+P)
  • Select Whisper from the icons on the left-hand side of the dialog
  • Under Settings for Received Whispers uncheck Always show whisper history when receiving a whisper
  • You may also wish to uncheck Play notify sound when receiving a whisper, or you can change the sound played under Settings > Options > Notifications > Special > Incoming whisper
What about when I'm dead?
Just go back to the Slotting/Dead channel.

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Re: Getting started with TeamSpeak 3 (for ArmA 3)

Post by Hundenal »

By default, TeamSpeak notifies you when a user joins or leaves your channel. As this lets you know when someone in your team dies or joins via... improper... channels, you may want to turn these notifications off.
  • In TS, go to Tools > Options (Alt+P)
  • Go to Notifications section
  • Go to Client > Connection
  • Uncheck "Current Channel Play..." under:
    1. Connected
    2. Disconnected
    3. Lost Connection
This isn't required, but may improve your experience playing with us.