Folk ARPS mission testing server

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Folk ARPS mission testing server

Post by harakka »

I've heard rumors of a tunnel under the fence, is it true?
Nope, no such thing whatsoever.

Oh well.. I've also heard rumors of something that's been cooked up to help aspiring comrade mission makers test their missions?
You've heard correctly! There is indeed a new Folk ARPS Arma 3 mission testing server running, to help check if missions work neatly on a dedicated server or not.

That sounds almost too good to be true!
That's not a question.

Who is eligible to use this wonderful resource?
If you have a mission aimed at Folk ARPS sessions at a stage where you can test it, you qualify. At this stage you are no doubt familiar with the FA mission guidelines, and have already done basic sanity tests on the mission, such as making sure it doesn't crash your client. You've also named the mission properly according to the guidelines in the previous link (including a version number to make your uploading life easier).

That is totally me! How do I get to use the server though?
Start by asking one of the hosts to give you the credentials needed to upload and run missions on the server. Keep them hidden, keep them safe!

Now you get to download an FTP client, or use the one you already have. You will need one that supports FTP with TLS encryption, which is often also called FTPS. Filezilla is one example for Windows operating systems.

Once you have an FTP client set up, connect to, using the credentials you were given by a host earlier. You will see two folders, mpmissions, and logs. Your mission .pbo, which you've exported from the multiplayer editor or otherwise created, goes into the mpmissions one.

Finally, connect to the server with your Arma 3 client. Go to the multiplayer server list and filter for Folk ARPS, you should see it listed as Folk ARPS mission testing.

I'm on the server now. Which buttons do I need to press to make it go?
Here's a quick crash course on the relevant server commands, typed into the ingame text chat:
  • #login yourpasswordhere: this logs you in as admin on the server. Select your mission from the list and continue onward. Once you've tested enough, you can simply disconnect and the server will return to it's original state.
  • #missions: this will return your to the mission list quickly, so you can restart your mission if need be.
My scripts are bugging out! This is terrible! Also, you mentioned something about logs there.
Congratulations, now you've got something to fix. Your client's .rpt logs will help you in this. However you also have access to the server's .rpt files! They're in the logs folder you saw earlier. Any scripts that errored out on the server will have their errors included in the server .rpt. You will want the one with the latest date.

Uh oh, my mission seems to have crashed the server. What do I do now?
Contact one of the hosts right now. Getting hold of audiox or Wolfenswan will achieve the quickest resolution of the situation, but if they're not around, let any other host know.

Cool, now that I have access to the server, I'll put all my missions and all the pictures Tigershark sent me there for safekeeping!
Again, that isn't a question. Technically the one couple of items up wasn't either, but I let it slip at the time.
Anyway the point is, don't do that. Everything on the server may get wiped at any time. Always keep copies of your mission files.

I have great and undiluted appreciation for this valuable resource. How do I make sure it will stay available to all?
There are few simple ground rules to follow and all will be good.
  1. Only use the server for testing FA session-targeted missions. Don't play on it.
  2. Don't give the passwords to anyone else. If someone wants them, tell them to ask the hosts.
  3. Promptly report any server crashes.
  4. If someone is already using the server, act like an adult, wait your turn, communicate with them and maybe even help them test their mission.
  5. If you choose not to follow these guidelines, your access to this resource may be reviewed.
The tunnel is in the storage yard, behind the tool shed. Bring a spoon.
Me and him, we're from different ancient tribes. Now we're both almost extinct. Sometimes you gotta stick with the ancient ways, the old school ways. I know you understand me.

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Re: Folk ARPS mission testing server

Post by wolfenswan »

The bureau for mission making, server testing and other explosive things is happy to announce that we have managed to abduct, coerced, convinced a brave volunteer to join our ranks as COMRADE HEADLESS CLIENT.

For the time being he will reside on the Mission Making server where he can be dragged and slotted freely by whoever happens to be admin. If you have no need for him just pat him on the head and smile. That makes him happy. And remember: no water and no feeding after midnight!

If for whatever reason said comrade was able to escape from his cell has strolled from the confinements of the Mission Making Labs please contact one of the hosts to make sure we can put the poor soul back where he belongs.

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Re: Folk ARPS mission testing server

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