Submitting Missions to the FA Mission Database (FAMDB)

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Submitting Missions to the FA Mission Database (FAMDB)

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Missions? Database? What is this thread?
The Folk ARPS Mission Database (FAMDB) collects entries for all missions on our server. To ensure that it is well maintained, all Comrade Mission-Makers are required to register an account and submit their creations to the FAMDB. All required input should be self-explanatory, but do not hesitate to ask a comrade host if you encounter any issues.

What if I need a mission uploaded to the testing server?
I'm glad that you asked, comrade! From now on, there is no need to tamper with the Party's secret FTP protocols. Simply upload your mission file through the FAMDB interface, and it will automagically appear on the testing server!

I have submitted a mission but I need to update/delete it, what should I do?
After having spent the mandated time in our rehabilitation camp, you will return to the FAMDB to edit or delete any entry you have created. Please notify a comrade host should you update or delete one of your missions.

Can I post my super-insightful critique of mission x to the Database?
Actually, for discussion of individual missions please start a new thread in the Finished ArmA 3 Missions sub-forum of ArmA 3: Mission Making & F3 Development. Thanks! :v:.

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