Folk ARPS Monthly Mission Making Moshpit

Workshop for all Mission Engineer Comrades. Home of the FA Mission Making Template.
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Folk ARPS Monthly Mission Making Moshpit

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Wait, don't we already have one of these?
Yes comrade! I mean, no comrade, this is quite different from the mission testing sessions hosted on a Saturday once a month.

Okay, so what is it?
Arma mission making is a fun task, but it's easy to lose creative energy. If you're like me and many other mission makers, you probably have a bunch of half baked ideas or unfinished missions and scripts sitting somewhere deep in your Documents. Or perhaps you are stuck somewhere and want some help. Or maybe you just want to come hangout with the mission makers and hear what they're up to.

I was only half-listening, what is it actually?
On a Saturday each month, you can come be with other mission makers for awhile in our teamspeak. Stop by to ask questions, explain some ideas, deliver your demands, or just banter with us. It's really just about improving the mission making experience. It's pretty easy to lose interest if you're working in silence.

Oh, one Saturday a month? Sounds reasonable. Which Saturday and what time?
Some Saturday, probably the first or second each month.
Always starting around 1700UK

The next moshpit is Saturday 8 Jul 2017 at 1700UK

Will there be refreshments?

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