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LDF forces paradrop in to revive a stalled advance.

Lipina, Livonia - LDF/NATO vs Spetsnaz

Cinematic paradrop intro, but reinforcements are safe with chopper slots provided on BLUFOR. Easy enough to make easier or Zeus for small numbers.

v3: played
- Added more secrets
- Reduced interval between drop ejections
- Added a notification for downloading Russian intel (for real this time)
- Removed a couple of Russians
- Put the laptop desk closer to the wall so you can't push the laptop off by firing GPs at it
- Added more markers for NATO groups
- Added more secrets
- Fixed the intel report not propagating to reinforcement players
- Fixed a dialogue line not playing after receiving the intel report
- Fixed group chat lines not playing after acquiring NATO units
- Fixed Russian reinforcements not staying in their vehicles
- Made all Russian units stand up
- reduced enemy force strength slightly
- lowered AI skill
- weather now improves a little more
- replaced Mk30 statics with M2 statics
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