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NATO and CSAT mini-UGVs face off in the arena.

The Arena, VR - NATO vs CSAT

This mission is titled Battle Bots in the US.

v2: played. Seems fine, maybe needs more UGVs

- Added 2 more players/UGVs to each side, bringing the total to 16.
- Expanded the arena.
- UAVs can now drop a smoke grenade on a 45-second cooldown.
- Added more taunts.
- UGVs can no longer be disassembled.
- Reduced the starting standby to 10 seconds.
- Clarified briefing.
- Disabled AI pathing for playable slots.

- Arena improvements.
- UAVs can now repair allied UGVs within 3 metres.
- UGVs can now request assistance, playing a separate type of taunt and marking themselves on the map.
- Added 3 new standard taunts.
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