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CDLC mission. Uses GM and CSLA assets, players use GM weapons and CSLA vehicles.

Infantry town assault on La Trinite in Malden. FIA fights AAF. Two approaches possible (map click teleport available). Recon team provides overwatch and spotting. Two waves of reinforcements triggered by clearing objectives. Should last for 45-60 mins depending on the number of players.

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Operation Trinity v0-0-2 | 04 06 2022
- Increased ammo for ARs (9 mags x 75 rnds). Increased PKM ammo for MMG spotter, assistant (3 mags x 100 rounds)
- This gives each FT 1500 rounds for ARs and each full MMG team 900 rnds for PKM
- Nyx AA vehicle has had its HMG reactivated. Nyx AA section now just has a hold wp and limited speed
- Replaced autocannon Nyx with M163 (minigun M113)
- Removed DShKm UAZ at the gas station. Removed a couple of static MG3 turrets
- Removed redundant passenger units in enemy M113s. M113 drivers will now bail if the gunners are killed (EH).
- Adjusted reinforcement infantry wp awareness states + location
- Added music for reinforcments.
- Changed direction of one squad's patrol (near recon team).
- Overall should be better spread of enemies in the town
- Removed national insignia from some CDLC vehicles. Moved graffiti from wall to building.
- Briefing tweaks.
  • Change "ST" in lobby text to "Recon".
  • Consider changing AAF weapons to CSLA FAL, depending on difficulty of second play-through.
  • Consider adding a civilian presence module.

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