[Sun] 21 November 2021 (Who brought the charges?)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 21 November 2021 (Who brought the charges?)

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17 Loyal members of the most glorious Party showed up to fight today!

The first mission involved rescuing a couple hostages being held in some fortified buildings. In an unprecedented success, 3 of the 2 hostages were successfully returned. The Party grows every day!

For our next operation, we saw AAF drive an entrenched foe from Saint Louis. Despite our glorious leader's... outsourced combat doctrine, the operation was a great success of driving forward and making everything not us explode.

The party's representatives then met with some Russian(?) defectors to attempt to take down some CSAT gunships apparently taking a vacation at the local surf club. Unfortunately, the group only made it about half way to the coast before being surrounded and brutally gunned down - er... I mean... they made a glorious last stand, and would have succeeded had our defectors not defected back to their old friends.

After this, we took on the role of a group of FIA recapturing the town of Sofia with the help of our trusty IFV, that only ran over one person. Aside from this one small mishap, the town was retaken, and all was well.

Finally, we set out to locate and destroy CSAT's mobile artillery pieces across Livonia. It was only after we'd made contact we realized we'd forgotten the demolition charges... but this was only a small setback, and the mission was almost a success!

Thank you to everyone who played with us!

Run list:
  • Door Kickers [Co-op]
  • Saint Louis [Co-op]
  • Xi'anicide [Co-op]
  • SoFIA so Good [Co-op]
  • Dance yr LZ [Co-op]
  • Minecraft [Afterparty]
  • Rally: Lighthouse Connection [Afterparty]
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