[Sun] 20 Nov 2022 (For a Few Helos More)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 20 Nov 2022 (For a Few Helos More)

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Another 16 comrades faced down aggressive enemies and suicidal commanders.

We started with a daring(?) plan to wedge our small team between an enemy controlled town and their company of reinforcements. It went about as well as you might expect.

Next on the list was a seaborne raid of some delightful new developments. Everything went smoothly here until FIA decided they could deal with our air support with several AA missiles... Our CO was dismayed by this, and elected for a swift exit.

Third in line, we went after some hostages and displayed overwhelming fire power and death from above. Syndikat was wise though, and patiently waited for our aircraft to land where they could delete them with SPG technicals. Once the first bird was dead, they had the morale, and overwhelmed our disheartened troops at the second objective.

Finally we returned to our weekend mountain top command post and eradicated a FIA attack with less than a handful of deaths.

  • Light Infantry [Co-op]
  • Photo Development [Co-op]
  • Gendarmed Assault [Co-op]
  • Weekend Warriors [Co-op]
  • House Rules B [After Party]
  • House Rules E [After Party]
  • Plumbers Vs Submariners [After Party]
  • Rocket Jousting [After Party]
  • Salt Riders [After Party]
  • Helicopters [After Party]
  • The Showdown [After Party]
  • House Rules F [After Party]
  • House Rules G [After Party]
  • House Rules I [After Party]
  • House Rules H [After Party]
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