How we died (in the future)
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A noble 14 hussars turned up tonight for a wonderful evening of heli flying, bomb exploding and getting-torn-in-half-by-autocannon-ing!

Our first mission had us airlifted all over Cham by the world's deadliest helo crews. There was hardly any resistance left on the ground by the time the infantry got there, but that overzealousness proved to be our downfall, and some important objectives became collateral. At the end of the day though (and despite the helis' best efforts), no one died!

Up next, we took another crack at this so-called "Modern Major General '', who once again layed a clever trap, but we were more weary of it this time, noticing a suspicious line of vehicles off the side of the clearing. And you know, the tank sitting behind them. Thanks to some excellent covering by the MMG team, all forces made it out of the ambush, and managed to track down and neutralize the command vehicle. Unfortunately, we were not up to date on the advancements made in modern gunnery, as a luchs, apparently impervious to our weapons, rolled up on us and despite taking several shots, managed to severely cripple the platoon, with only a few stragglers making it back to base. A success nonetheless though!

After that, we took on a simple clear-out-the-cache mission, which went really well! That is, until I watched Nikko get reduced to atoms by what I thought was a friendly vehicle. The last thing I did on this mission was realize my mistake, as when I poked out to wave down the "friendly" vic, I was also reduced to atoms.

And finally we brought back a classic HSLD mission in a new setting! I mean, how can you screw up inserting, clearing out an area, and destroying trucks loaded with normal, regular, not-at-all out-of-the-ordinary rockets, I promise, you can trust me. Anyways, we certainly went out with a bang in this one!

Thanks to everyone for turning up! If you would like a special anniversary Folk ARPS patch (in real life!) contact Costno on Discord with a shipping address. Limited numbers!

  • Winged Hussars[Co-op]
  • The Modern Major General[Co-op]
  • Kokkiland[Co-op]
  • HSLD[Co-op]
  • Rally: Kritzenast[Afterparty]
  • Rally: Air Vinje[Afterparty]
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