[Sun] 26 Mar 2023 (Contested Withdrawal)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 26 Mar 2023 (Contested Withdrawal)

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11 strong, we fought our way into and sometimes out of several enemy strongholds.

First it was a Livonian village, house by house. We cleared every objective and eventually were pushed into the river by overwhelming Russian CSAT infantry. Only one made it out.

Next it was on the resort beaches of Altis. Construction site by construction site. This time we got lucky, and more people made it out.

Luck wasn't going to stay on our side though. After our day at the beach we drove back into the Livonian forests and got chopped down one by one by a horde of LDF.

Finally, we made a desperate last stand in another Livonian village. Here we were quickly shredded by enemy buckshot, though a couple of us managed to delay the encroaching guerrillas for a respectable time.

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