[Sun] 19 Nov 2023 (Street Sweepers)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 19 Nov 2023 (Street Sweepers)

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16 people marched through the hills of Livonia and Malden, and along the streets of Kavala.

We started with a quick flush of some guerrillas in a Livonian mountain village, where we thoroughly checked every building including their porches.

Next we hit the plateau of Malden where we surveyed some great vacation and grilling sights, took some extended breaks, and dodged enemies jumping out of windows to flank us like it's Call of Duty or something.

Third up we hit the mean streets of Kavala to escort another VIP to some photo sites. We had an AH that managed one successful water landing and one unsuccessful boardwalk landing.

Then we successfully rescued one of two engineers from a compound on the north side of Kavala, and made it out to a trawler without the engineer getting lost at sea.

Finally we did a very high-speed low-drag operation on Malden where we managed, just barely, to outrun our 80 second bomb timers and fly away safely.

  • Public Enemy No. 3 [Co-op]
  • Arudy Plateau [Co-op]
  • Street Photography [Co-op]
  • Blast [Co-op]
  • HSLD VI [Co-op]
  • House Rules G [After Party]
  • House Rules H [After Party]
  • House Rules K [After Party]
  • House Rules J [After Party]
  • House Rules D [After Party]
  • House Rules E [After Party]
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