[GM] 16 Oct 2021 (Fighting Retreat)

How we died (in the future)
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[GM] 16 Oct 2021 (Fighting Retreat)

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13 at least semi-competent comrades showed up to an 80's road trip from the hills of Altis to a frozen Weferlingen.

Our first mission saw our intreped airborne squad succed admirably up uintil the point the west germans got a bit annoyed and threw everything at defending the last downed plane. Our forces bravely fought back againt the hoarde and although they didnt detroy the escaped with their lives! The second mission was a romp across the northern coast of Altis, with enemy forces advancing from all sides Hundenal bravely went it alone and cleared each and every objective without any support, and even after he fell his Ai managed to bravely fight on until the end! Lions and tigers was a mission behind enemy lines to locate some data, sadly our american colleagues who were operarting the UAV had an off day and did a bit too much damage with the bombs, but didnt manage to hit the target!

  • Turbulence [Co-op Zeus]
  • Bays of Glory [Co-op]
  • Lions and Tigers '96[Co-op]
  • Rally: Frozen North [Afterparty]

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