[GM] 11 Jun 2022 (Does ARMA allow umlauts?)

How we died (in the future)
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[GM] 11 Jun 2022 (Does ARMA allow umlauts?)

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A most glorious 11 of our top performers came out to be trapped in the past once more.

Our first mission took us to the town of butchered German spelling to hunt a damaged Abrams. After some very close calls involving the cannon of a main battle tank, and only an acceptable number of casualties, the tank was located and destroyed.

Next, following a sudden cold snap, we trekked through the snow to destroy some supplies on their way to the rail yard. Once again, despite the very fabric of reality opposing us, the mission was a success.

Once we made our way to Tanoa, where the universe was a bit more stable, we had to push our way through a rebel held valley in the middle of the night. This went well, until we found that these lightly armed rebels had multiple main battle tanks.

To end the day, only our most elite forces were sent to Gabreta to take back control of a rail line and move some trash out of the way. Despite low numbers, limited communication, and an unorthodox force organization, the team nearly completed the mission before an RTO exploded, leaving his team with no way to call for help.

Then we drove some cars around.

  • Meinkot Schutzen [Co-op]
  • Railhead [Co-op]
  • Valley Force [Co-op]
  • Railjacked [Co-op]
  • Rally: Lippe [Afterparty]
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