[Sun] 26 Jun 2022 (Thunderstruck)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 26 Jun 2022 (Thunderstruck)

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Thanks to our comrades over at Zeus Community, we managed something like 43 people and dealt a hell of a lot of death to the enemy.

First up was the return of a classic mission, which found our 3(!) squads trying to make do with a handful of small walls and bushes to cross a kilometer or two of ground towards an enemy airbase. Despite stumbling over each others positions a few times, and despite a few menacing tanks outside the AO, we made a solid assault on the AAF airbase and claimed our first victory of many for the evening.

Second, we travelled to the tangled mess that is Tanoa and took on CSAT. My perspective on this mission was just a fuck ton of shooting not near my fireteam for 20 minutes, and then 20 minutes of a company+ sized force attacking my squad, and then hiding behind an H barrier while like 4 Marids shot everything they had at the bunker my squad was in. At some point in all of that, the engineers finished off the objective missile launchers, and we made a desperate escape in some conveniently placed RHIBs.

Afterwards, we went for a morning drive in a large armored column. 6 tanks, 3 tank destroyers, and an attack helicopter. They managed to take out at least 2 CSAT vehicles, and won the mission, despite my best efforts otherwise.

Finally for the evening, we jumped in a couple helicopters and raced to rescue a stranded Juliett. We found their crashsite fairly quickly, I thought, but were about 2 minutes too slow getting to Juliett. Alpha did what they could though, extracted the data objective and made it back onto their transports before the platoon or so of CSAT QRF could stop them.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. This game is phenomenal when played with this many people. Thank you Zeus, come back anytime! :D

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