[Sun] 21 Aug 2021 (Aerosol!)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 21 Aug 2021 (Aerosol!)

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A cozy 14 air assaulters hit a few LZs and beaches in style.

We started with a rapid assault on a small Maldenese town held by poorly trained AAF grunts but supported by the world's greatest mortar team. The momentum of our assault was brought to a screeching (and booming) halt by a handful of mortars. What survivors remained, however, did manage to reorganize and eradicate the AAF counter-attack despite suffering considerable losses.

After that great success, we took to the beaches of Altis. We were greeted at our beach front property by a few dozen angry locals, who relentlessly pounded our small squad back into the sea. Luckily, despite not making it to every objective and being basically overrun a couple times, our Executive VIP managed to survive and make it out. Back to the boardroom on Monday!

Third on our list, we air assaulted into a fortified FIA phalanx on the north coast of Altis. I don't know what got into the FIA fighters today, but they put up another impenetrable wall. We barely made it to the first cache with a single fireteam before our entire ground force was whittled away.

Finally, we made one more attack against guerrillas back on Malden. Our higher command made the right decision in just bribing a few FIA fighters to help us on a mission, rather than only be our enemies. But I guess the only ones who could be bought for cheap were priced low for a reason. We failed to even step foot in an objective on this one....

Better off going and joining FIA...

  • Light Infantry [Co-op]
  • Photo Development [Co-op]
  • In and Out of LZs [Co-op]
  • Partnership [Co-op]
  • House Rules Every Letter in the Alphabet* [Afterparty]
*As defined as C,D,E,G,F,H,I

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