[Sun] 21 Jan 2024 (First Blood Pt. II)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 21 Jan 2024 (First Blood Pt. II)

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11 attended this evening's festivities.

We started with a small hit and run on a Malden Police station, which went smoothly.

After that we took to the skies on Malden and made some cool dude air assaults on some drone crash sites. The first site went as smooth as the first mission, in part thanks to some kind NATO truckers that hit our landmines. The second site started off well, but a single Panther slowly crept up on our position, perforated our only AT, and denied us the second data item. Some people escaped with their lives at least.

Next we travelled to Livonia. Our first mission here had us carefully maneuver into a Russian held town, and we methodically cleared it block by block. Everything was going well until it wasn't, I think Paddy was the first to get clipped by an enemy fireteam creeping up behind us. From there we suffered a few more losses, but managed to complete our objectives. Just as overwhelming enemy reinforcements were approaching our surviving force lucked upon an unlocked troop truck and made a hasty escape.

Second on Livonia, and the final for the evening, we started an uphill fight against some entrenched NPR tote-bag guerrillas. Our movement through this was incredible controlled and we made great use of our limited remaining numbers. Again, things were going smoothly, until a .50 cal got us in the open and cut our numbers in half. A few survivors tried and nearly succeeded at clearing the final objective, but fell short.

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  • FAXM Birdman [Co-op]
  • FAXM Brena Butchers [Co-op]
  • FAXM Roztruckas [Co-op]
  • House Rules D [After Party]
  • House Rules G [After Party]
  • House Rules H [After Party]
  • House Rules F [After Party]
  • House Rules K [After Party]
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