[Sun] 28 January 2024 (Who Tows the Towmen?)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 28 January 2024 (Who Tows the Towmen?)

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Tonight, 11 charming comrades came along for an evening of getting there, one way or another. Or not, in some cases.

This time, we assaulted a town with HMG support, and were shocked to discover that what we actually needed was MAT support - but did the job anyway. Then, we tried to steal some LDF vehicles, and went from no casualties to all casualties the quickest I've seen outside of a helicopter crash. Next, we headed to Malden, where Bohemia Interactive prevented us from completing our mission, but at least we survived. Finally, we crashed a CSAT-FIA joint party and shot several people before being stopped by the authorities.

The next CDLC session will be probably in Feb or Apr! Read the link to ensure you know the details!

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