[Sun] 25 Feb 2024 (Ammo Wanted)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 25 Feb 2024 (Ammo Wanted)

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14 people attended this evening.

Our first mission tonight was revisiting a petrol station that turned us away a couple weeks back. This time we had no issue getting in, getting gas, and getting out, other than a few dozen CSAT who got melted by our MMG team.

Next on the list we tried to storm off the beach and cross an Altian valley to reach a town. After a rapid combustion of our first IFV, we managed to make steady progress inland and eventually reach our destination with a handful of survivors.

Finally for the evening we did a trek across the fields of Livonia, recently upgraded with some micro-terrain. This mission was a feast for our ammo hungry SPMGs, and ho-boy did they eat well.

  • FAXM Petrol Patrol [Co-op]
  • FAXM Pancho Lite [Co-op]
  • FAXM Noisy Cricket [Co-op]
  • House Rules K [After Party]
  • House Rules F [After Party]
  • Paintballing [After Party]
  • Apex Predators [After Party]
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