[Sun] 3 Mar 2024 (Rapid Decomposition)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 3 Mar 2024 (Rapid Decomposition)

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14 people were here a week ago, in the session that Costno forgot to write the AAR for.

Our first mission of the evening was a cool guys HALO insertion to kick the hornets nest in Kavala, which we succeeded at. This involved a very spicy withdrawal chased by, I guess, the entire population of Altis.

Second on the evening was a motorized assault into an Altian town, which was smooth and methodical until the simultaneous encounters with two GMG striders and flanking ASL-killing enemy infantry. Overwhelming high explosives and leadership decapitation proved too much for our squad too handle, and we were rapidly whittled away. Only a handful of infantry made it out of the town and proceeded to an early extract.

Finally for the evening we conducted a doomed assault on a fortified checkpoint with too few guerrillas. Despite preparatory bursts of HMG fire into the checkpoint, the fierce CSAT defenders were able to pin our assault force in a mangrove and eventually close with and destroy our guerrilla band.

  • FAXM Loose Ends [Co-op]
  • FAXM Walking at a Downtown Crate [Co-op]
  • FAXM New Horizons [Co-op]
  • Rally: Almyra [After Party]
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