[Sun] 24 Mar 2024 (Insert Creative Title Here)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 24 Mar 2024 (Insert Creative Title Here)

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Tonight, 14 individuals of impeccable party standing joined us for an evening of party approved activities.

We started with a call to resolve a hostage situation in southern Kavala. This went as smooth as possible with no serious injuries and all hostages safely rescued. We even found an extra hostage, we were just that good.

After this, we made a trip to Malden to deal with some FIA holdouts. This was a slow, methodical, advance with the entire AO controlled by our MMG in a dominant position above the zone, and the rest of the team able to safely move house-to-house until our Kajman could arrive and finish the job.

Then it was a return to Altis to take advantage of NATO's flat tire. Unfortunately, a combination of a suspiciously rocket-proof Rhino, CSAT's arrival, and a generally overwhelming enemy presence meant even reinforcements from across the island were only capapble of mounting a desparate last stand before being wiped out.

Finally, a return to Malden to deal with some dug in NATO troops. While the HMGs took their toll, no amount of fortifications, emplacements, or landmines can stop the inexorable advance of the party.

The next CDLC session will be probably in Apr! Read the link to ensure you know the details!

These were the missions:
  • Door Kickers [Co-op]
  • Arudy Plateau [Co-op]
  • Caught in the Middle [Co-op]
  • Cancon Ridge [Co-op]
  • House Rules: Fabrication [Afterparty]
  • House Rules: H-Bomb [Afterparty]
  • Rally: The Skopos Twist [Afterparty]
Remember to check out, promote, and contribute to the Party YouTube channel using this elegant and finely-crafted link.

You can review the missions we played tonight to improve your combat effectiveness score, using our OCAP2 Mission Replay System, for which there is also a companion mod. Remember, the Party is always watching! And so are your friends. From the grave. Where you put them. You monster.

If you would like to get some help with becoming an excellent leader :commissar: why not check out the Leadership Programme? This will let you get direct access to a host who will be happy* to guide you through commanding a mission, especially if you have a cruel and devious plan.

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One last thing! If you would like to contribute to the server fund that allows FA to keep running sessions, you can PayPal your last grubby potato to server-fund@folkarps.com, or click here to use the Party's new and improved organ donation service.

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