[Sun] 7 Apr 2024 (Penultimate)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 7 Apr 2024 (Penultimate)

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13 comrades took to the sky in a session resolving our recent absence of helicopter missions.

We started on the ground partially, getting some airtime only through reckless driving down a mountainside. This reckless driving led us to a fairly successful raid on an airbase. Everything was operating pretty smoothly until our daring escape was cut short by our vehicle's top tier turning radius mixing with aviation fuel.

After that combustion, we went airborne and attacked some Tanoan villages with gunships and artillery. It was cool 8-). Here we were kicking ass and taking names until eventually CSAT figured out how to surround us and grab us by the belt. My last moments were watching a squad of CSAT having a staring contest with the JTAC 10m away just before the broken arrow (called by that very JTAC) ended all of our lives.

Desiring to be slightly less noisy, we again took to the skies this time on Malden where we made two extremely efficient compound clearing landings/extracts. Of course our penultimate mission on this penultimate vanilla* session should be successful.

Finally for the evening, we once again tried to fight our way into a fiercely defended Maldenese village. Once again we were cut down by a terrifying number of HMGs and close quarters technicals. Even if those hadn't been present though we probably would have been eradicated by the MAAWs powered remodeling plan being enacted against the village by the AAF counterattack.

  • FAXM Syndikat Air [Co-op]
  • FAXM Return to Sender [Co-op]
  • FAXM Head Hunters [Co-op]
  • FAXM Light Infantry [Co-op]
  • Rocket Jousting [After Party]
  • House Rules C [After Party]
  • The Crucible [After Party]
  • House Rules D [After Party]
  • House Rules G [After Party]
  • House Rules K [After Party]
*Oh look, that looks like a State Lada parked ou-- :commissar:

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