[Sun] 21 April 2024 (A New Era)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 21 April 2024 (A New Era)

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15 great comrades, new and old, showed up today as we turned a page in the great history of FA!

Keeping things simple, we first took to Malden to clear our name and deliver our stolen good boy report to the UN observer, trying out some of the new tech and weapons available to us! Despite some heavy casualties, it was a nice back and forth battle, ultimately ending in us successfully remaining on Santa’s nice list for a little while longer!

Getting slightly more technical, we took out some fancy 5.56 bolt action rifles that look like they were made out of k'nex, IED drones for that full Ukraine War feel and 1 man mortar teams! Opening with a successful assault on NATO’s forward positions, we were quickly ground to a halt by a Marshal and some aggressive enemies, ultimately succumbing to the enemy’s overwhelming presence.

Up next, we entered new lands on our voyage to the desert of Sefrou-Ramal to test out yet more new toys, harboured safely in our mechanical Specter bodies! Despite absolutely destroying any resistance we came across, and taking nearly no losses, CSAT somehow got wind of our plan to rescue Miller, and struck him down with the might of Zeus (orbital space laser) as we approached the compound. In other words, a great success! The specters then ran over the dunes and off into the sunset, having many great adventures! Maybe the real Miller was the friends we made along the way…

And finally, returning to a classic mission, with new terrain and new toys, we ran a hush speed low drag assault to knock out some mortars and blow up some caches! Our initial assault went well, largely thanks to our attack helo who unfortunately decided to take a nap, but literally managed to land the helicopter in his sleep. Despite slowing down a little, we still managed to clear the compound and only took a few casualties on our way out!

Start of Discord AAR posts

  • Message to Observer[Co-op]
  • Manual Transmission[Co-op]
  • Get Miller[Co-op]
  • HSLD VIII[Co-op]
  • Rally: Desert Challenge[Afterparty]
The Party once again reminds our glorious comrades the 3IFB is now using the RF/WS equipment packs. Comrades are strongly encouraged to plan accordingly.

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