[Sun] 28 Apr 2024 (Dune Pt. II)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 28 Apr 2024 (Dune Pt. II)

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13 peacekeepers and tankers fought it out on the coast of Tanoa and over the dunes of Sefrou-Ramal.

First up our UNA soldiers were asked to escort a couple supply trucks through the definitely-friendly-definitely-did-not-instantly-betray-us Syndikat east coast of Tanoa. Maybe they were planning a better trap, but once it was sprung we had a methodical advance through the AO. We got 90% of the way to our destination when, at the final village on our route, Syndikat put up a fierce enough fight which included firing several RPGs destroying one of our supply trucks. The other made it through at least!

Second in the evening, we hit the desert slopes in a series of wheeled vehicles. Our adversary was CSAT and a small memory leak wedged into our advanced armored vehicles' computer systems. The first casualties were from an overcommitted Rhino which bravely drove into a bit full of GMGs and RPGs. The next casualties were from a wave of tanks and AAA. One vehicle was lost while driving straight at the final objective with no ammo remaining only to be met with several hundred HE autocannon rounds. Its armor resisted these, the wheels didn't... The crew might have survived if they hadn't fallen for the AAA's trick (it stopped shooting so it's out of ammo right?)

Finally, with what remained of our force we made a daring helicopter HSLD attempt on Malden. This was nearly a disaster from the start when our pilot became incapacitated on the initial insertion, forcing our team to ditch over water in the middle of the inlet. Somehow only the pilot died at this point. From there it was several hundred meters of swimming followed by carefully fighting our way through a port full of enemies who had plenty of time to phone their friends that we were coming. By some miracle, despite at one point all members of the ground team being killed or incapacitated, two were able to push through and complete the objectives.

  • Aid Convoy [Co-op]
  • Dust Devils [Co-op]
  • HSLD VI [Co-op]
  • House Rules C [After Party]
  • House Rules E [After Party]
  • House Rules J [After Party]
  • House Rules B [After Party]
  • House Rules A [After Party]
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