[Sun] 12th May 2024 (God it Was Bad...)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 12th May 2024 (God it Was Bad...)

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A wonderful 14 friends wished they hadn't turned up tonight, and were promptly turned into swiss cheese!

Our first mission had us recapture a town from CSAT control, opening with a game of musical commander's seat as one-by-one the members of Alpha 1 were picked off almost in order, getting out little more that "This is x taking command of A1" before getting shot themselves. Alpha vic on the other hand, had a monster of a game due to the enemies sporadic placement of their AT assets. Wiping out nearly a platoon of infantry, plus their supporting .50cal vics, their downfall came as they were forced to dismount to clear the compound, and got whacked like the rest of us.

Again, getting slightly more technical, we had an argument about what exactly consisted of a technical. Humvee? No. Mongolian man on a e-scooter with a bow? No. Moped with a recoilless rifle strapped to it? Yes! There was also a mission here, but it was bad and we all died, and I was in a drone for most of it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . The Glocks with the drum mags were pretty cool though!

Our third mission had us push up a road through three NATO strongpoints. Thinking back to the first mission we decided to shake things up a little and instead of all dying one by one, we all died simultaneously, having just Alpha vic and 1 infantryman out of two fireteams left! One glorious charge later and we were on to the next mission!

For our fourth mission, apparently we decided to reenact the glorious struggle for Malevelon Creek, as our enthusiastic and relatively successful initial assault was quickly torn to shreds by our foe's tiny robotic minions, and the mission ended with the remainder of our forces being wiped out by a massive explosion called in by friendlies. Great work helldivers!

Finally, with the existence of FA hanging in the balance, we decided on a simpler mission which saw us assault a heliport and garrison supported by a light AFV (main battle tank). The heliport was captured without too much difficulty, and in typical FA fashion, the only casualty sustained during the assault on the garrison was a bit of friendly fire! See! We're not washed guys! We've still got it!

Reminder that the next CDLC Cold War session is Saturday the 18th of May! See you there!

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