[Sun] 19th May 2024 (No Animals Were Harmed In This Session)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 19th May 2024 (No Animals Were Harmed In This Session)

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10 awesome dudes played in tonight's session.

First up, we took some chickens (the animals, not a reflection of our courage) and tried to break a blockage. After taking some loses in the first village, we managed to break through and deliver the chickens to the boat waiting to export them. A great success for not-capitalism!

Next up, we tried to do an aerial rescue of some goats from nasty NATO. Unfortunately the ground team got minced pretty quickly and when the AH eventually got brave enough to try and help they managed to wander into their view and met some very anger CIWS'. The valiant two remaining members of the ground team were eventually overwhelmed. The goats remain in NATO's possession even now.

After that, we went to blow up some tools of oppressive capitalists (some factory silos). Which we managed to do! Before all gloriously dying in the name of the revolution!

Finally, we went hunting for some cougars (not that kind... not that kind either! The helicopters!). Despite our CO taking a bullet to the back of the head on the first engagement, we managed to make steady progress, pushing into the airfield, VSAM taking out any air threats, destroying all the grounded Cougars before withdrawing in a well deserved victory.

The missions we played:
  • Chicken Run [Co-op] (OCAP Replay)
  • Fully GOATed [Co-op] (OCAP Replay)
  • Private Industry [Co-op] (OCAP Replay)
  • Cougar King [Co-op] (OCAP Replay)
  • House Rules A [Afterparty]
  • House Rules L [Afterparty]
  • The Showdown [Afterparty]
  • HELICOPTERS [Afterparty]

Start of Discord #aar thread

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You can review the missions we played tonight to improve your combat effectiveness score, using our OCAP2 Mission Replay System. Remember, the Party is always watching! And so are your friends. From the grave. Where you put them. You monster.
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