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Folk ARPS on YouTube

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Hey, I want to FRAPS stuff in the Folk ARPS sessions, and post it to YouTube; can I do that?
Comrade, of course you can! The Party is always keen to see new propaganda films, especially if they show us dying gloriously and/or crashing helicopters into each other (this never, ever happens). Some may even be used on the official Folk ARPS YouTube channel.

I'd like to use an official FA ident in my video
Well then, comrade, you are in the correct place! Comrades are encouraged to use FA idents in videos about our sessions.

I know there are two idents - which one(s) can I use?
For content that you want to host exclusively on your channel please use the shorter 3-second ident (which is loop-able).

Actually, I have my own channel ident - how do I use the FA ident with that?
If you begin your videos with your own channel ident, we ask that you display the shorter FA ident after it (for 3 seconds).

OK cool, so I want to make loads of changes to the FA ident.
I'm going to stop you right there, comrade. If you use the FA ident in your videos, please use it without modification. Please do not make any visual or audio changes.

Must I get videos for my channel pre-approved by Party censors?
No, silly - it's your channel! However, if you use the FA ident incorrectly we may ask you to change or remove it.

What about the longer FA ident, with the music?
The longer FA ident will be used only in videos created specifically for the Folk ARPS YouTube channel and other official productions. If you have an idea for such a video, please contact comrades SuperU and Ferrard Carson for more details.

Can I get a copy of those idents?
Of course! Just make sure you use them properly!

What resolution should I use?
Both FA idents are at 1080P, so you can match that or resize to match your own video.

Should I set my uploads to public, so that anyone can see them?
Yes please. It's not propaganda if the only people viewing it are already comrades, eh?

What happened to the old Folk YouTube channel, thisisfolk?
It now serves as an archive of years gone by, and can be found here.