Video Editing for Folk ARPS

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Video Editing for Folk ARPS

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Ugh… my head… what happened?
Comrade YouTube Hero, you’re awake! Excellent! There was an unfortunate accident with chloroform at your video editing bench! The proper authorities have been notified, but while you’re here—

Handcuffs? Again?
—I might as well take a moment to give you some pointers on how best to prepare and present Party propaganda!

Can’t I just upload a huge amount of raw video and let Comrade Superior YouTube Hero assemble everything?
Yes, you can certainly join your comrade videographers in doing this, but don’t you want to make fantastic videos instead of mere archives?

It’s settled then! First off, drink this kool-aid and lets start with a good recording! You are taking good recordings, right? Can’t make videos without a good recording! Shoot for 720p or better. ArmA involves a lot of pixel hunting, and if your viewer can’t see the pixels that you’re hunting, then the video won’t be that fun. You’ll also want to record all the audio you can get your hands on. Now drink up.

*gulp* How long should my videos be?
The length of your videos will depend on how much good content you have! Some action-packed or tense missions could have up to an hour of nail-biting footage, but some might have just 30-seconds of pretty pretty fireworks. Keep in mind that although ArmA videos are expected to run long due to the nature of the game, the shorter the video, the more views it is likely to garner. The oft-touted ideal length is three to four minutes.

What video editing software do you recommend?
Your glorious comrade Ferrard Carson uses something as pedestrian and silly as Windows Movie Maker, available free from the Microsoft website. Check with your comrades if you want something fancier.

Should I put in a title-card and intro?
Speak to ze hosts about zis, but we probably won't mind. Remember that you’ll have a video title and description on YouTube to work with.

Should I do fancy whiz-bang transitions?
You certainly can, but remember that much like a powerpoint, too much flashy magic will distract the viewer from the main event. A fast, simple cross-fade of both images and audio tends to work in a subtle and tasteful manner.

What about text?
Less is more! Videos already feature audio and visuals, and your audience isn’t dumb. Use text to highlight something that was unclear, but is very relevant to what happens in the video. Text can also be used to highlight hilarity or satirize the unlucky. For the most part though, rely on your audio to do the heavy lifting of context – the best way to make sure people know that Alpha is going to be charging across an open field is to begin that clip at “Okay Alpha, here’s the plan…”

What about music?
Music is great! Make it tasteful! Your task isn’t to make an AMV, and I would highly advise against totally muting the sound, but good music, like a rug, can really tie a room together. Just try to stay away from anything copyrighted, if you can.

But my perspective was boring as balls…
Don’t sweat it if you can’t get any good footage from a mission or even an entire session. The world doesn’t necessarily need to see logistics-simulator 2013, administrative humdrum, or friendly fire incidents (unless they’re goddamned hilarious). Remember, we’re in the business of propaganda, not documentaries!

Oh boy, I'm really dizzy now...
Make sure that when you post your videos that you put the following in the description:
  • Who is behind the camera
  • What mods are you using
Okay, I… HEY, that drink was spiked with something, wasn’t it?
Perish the thought! Now just lay back and let the roofies take their course. You’ll be awake and making fantastic videos in no time. These videos may involve skimpy clothes, lotion, and plots about delivering deep-dish sausage.

:clint: ~ Ferrard
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