Folk ARPS In-Game Tag (for ArmA 3)

What you really need to know about Folk ARPS and ArmA 3
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Folk ARPS In-Game Tag (for ArmA 3)

Post by fer »

What is the Folk ARPS Tag?
It's something that allows you to wear FA clan-tags in game and puts the FA tractor symbol on vehicles that you crew. You can read all about it on the biki.

How do I get this thing?
It's simple and easy, comrade:

Step 1:
DM a host on Discord and provide the following information:
- Your numerical Steam ID (this can be found in-game by going to the Profile menu from the top right of the main menu)
- Your exact in-game profile name, and a "real name" (doesn't have to be your actual real name, is purely cosmetic)
- Whether you'd like to have your Discord ID displayed
- A comment to display, max length 128 characters

Step 2:
Once approved, go to the Profile menu by hovering over the "person" icon in the top right of the Arma 3 main menu and clicking on your name. Select your current profile, switch to the Unit tab, and click Edit. From the drop-down, change the current squad to "Custom", and enter this URL in the field labelled Squad URL:

Code: Select all
Note: The BI Arma 3 Units system does not work properly and should not be used. However, it will override the FA squad.xml, so make sure you have no unit selected in the Dashboard section of the Arma 3 Launcher. If you're unsure, check the "launch without a unit" box in the Dashboard (may need to scroll down).

Will this work instantly?
Assuming you have executed all these steps and you've been approved, it should work the next time you connect to a multiplayer server.

How can I see if I've been approved?
Just browse to and look for your name in the list.

Note: Since October 2022 you can choose from a number of alternate insignia designs once your squad.xml request has been accepted, in addition to the default address mentioned above. See the list in the post below.

Will this help us cut down on armoured vehicle friendly fire incidents?
Probably not, comrade.

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Re: Folk ARPS In-Game Tag (for ArmA 3)

Post by NikkoJT »

We have now added a set of alternate insignia designs you can use in-game. Once you've submitted your info to a host and been approved, you can use any of the listed alternate options. Plug the appropriate URL into your browser to get a preview of the insignia.

You can change your insignia at any time by changing the URL in your in-game profile as described above.
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Re: Folk ARPS In-Game Tag (for ArmA 3)

Post by Lexer »

Having trouble deciding which awesome design to use? Why not let the Party decide for you!

Change the squad URL to the below to get the Patch-of-the-Day (POTD), carefully selected each day by Party Engineers.

Code: Select all
Want something a little more personal? Or are one of those special Party members (first among equals) who have extra designs available, like our wonderful Hosts, and want those to sometimes be the Patch-of-the-Day? Use this URL instead and fill in your Steam ID to get your very own POTD!

Code: Select all<steam id>
As with all the URLs in this thread, these will only work if you've asked a Host to add you to the squad.xml list.
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