Joint Wargame Session with 1Tac - 6th Feb 2015

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Joint Wargame Session with 1Tac - 6th Feb 2015

Post by SuicideKing »

Comrades of the Party!

Our fellow comrades over at Team One Tactical have expressed interest in our proposal to hold a joint Wargame: Red Dragon session on Saturday, 6th February 2015, at 1830* hrs UK time.

The idea is to play mixed TvT games (and even FA vs 1Tac if people want), so that people get to mingle and know each other. Conquest, low income rate, no naval stuff.

If you're interested, or have suggestions or comments, feel free to post below - and of course, feel free to join.

1Tac have offered to let us host the game on their dedicated Wargame server, and I we're using the FA teamspeak channel for comms - DETAILS HERE.

Both communities are on Discord - Folk ARPS, 1Tac - which is another avenue for discussion.

Comrade Luk of 1Tac is handling the rallying the troops on their end.

*Time is negotiable, so if 1830 is too soon, we can push it back to 1900 or 1930, but that's like 0100 for me.


Separate but related notification: When the sun starts to set over the continent of Europe, Luk hosts semi-regular Wargame sessions for 1Tac, that we've been invited to join. Contact him on Discord (or by telegram, carrier messenger, runner, etc.) for further details if you're interested.
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Re: Joint Wargame Session with 1Tac - 23rd Jan 2015

Post by madrak_the_red »

Me me me

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Re: Joint Wargame Session with 1Tac - 6th Feb 2015

Post by Aqarius »

Sadly, I have prior engagements Saturdays and Sundays until 8PM GMT, so I'd be really, really late. I'm (probably) free before 4PM, if that makes any difference.

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